Custom Aluminium Extrusion Supply Service 


We have established relationships with mills around the world and can source the right producer for your bespoke aluminium extrusions, negotiate the best price and organise their manufacture in the quantities you need. Your dedicated account manager will also ensure the required quality systems are in place and manage the ongoing relationship with the mill, making the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

Global aluminium sourcing


Our stock management service ensures you can access the materials you want when you need them, without having to pay for the mill’s minimum order size in one go. We can organise manufacture of your custom aluminium extrusions and hold a stock of them for you to draw down as you require them, ensuring availability without tying up your working capital.


Multi Metals have global sourcing and logistics capabilities, which will give you access to the best mills to make your bespoke aluminium extrusions. We can also hold stock of your extrusions almost anywhere in the world - at one of our own sites, at a port or storage depot close to your manufacturing plant or even at your own premises.

Global aluminium supply service


We can arrange for the dies required for your custom aluminium extrusions to be designed and made. Our team will organise the whole process as part of our account management service, but you retain the intellectual property.

Die cutting for custom aluminium extrusions


Our expert team provide materials consultancy as part of our bespoke service, helping to ensure you end up with the best materials for your manufacturing process - both in terms of technical suitability and cost.

Materials advice from Multi Metals


Multi Metals offer a complete logistics solution, organising everything from production and delivery to stockholding and working capital management. It is available to all our customers regardless of size, giving growing manufacturers access to the same service levels as major companies.

Aluminium supply chain management and logistics from Multi Metals


To ensure your custom aluminium extrusions are delivered in the form required for your manufacturing operation, we provide a wide range of engineering services. Your dedicated account manager can organise fabrication, cutting, welding, CNC machining, sleeving and kitting.


We offer a variety of finishing services to ensure your bespoke aluminium extrusions have the appropriate appearance for your product when we deliver them. Speak to your Multi Metals account manager about anodising, powder coating in RAL standard colours and polishing.

Finishing services from Multi Metals